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Prevent knowledge loss from turnover.

We know the pain of key team members leaving the company. RelayWise plugs into your tools to automate knowledge transfer and give you peace of mind during offboarding.

No Credit card needed.

Fully Integrated

RelayWise Plugs into your tools, to automize knowledge transfer.

Employees leaving is a productivity drain, and it’s expensive

Mitigate Costs

Turnover can cost tens of thousands of dollars due to the failure of preserving knowledge resulting in huge productivity losses.

Prevent Knowledge Loss

Successor onboarding depends on transferring a leaver's unique knowledge.

Hire & Onboard Better

Hiring the perfect successor requires a good understanding of the leaver's unique skill set.

RelayWise automates knowledge transfer.

RelayWise leverages AI to give you a full breakdown of the projects the person leaves behind, the critical tasks they used to manage, and the internal and external contacts that enable their work.

How it works

Relaywise securely pulls employee-attributed data through integrations with productivity tools like Slack, Drive and Google Calendar. We then use AI and NLP to analyze both the metadata and text to derive a central source of truth about an employees involvement.

Feature Highlights

Full Work Summary

  • Projects they worked on

  • Processes they owned

  • Their finished work products

Gain a full overview of critical info about projects, work products, and code the leaving employee handled.

Interaction Summary

  • Key internal and external contacts

  • Relevant conversations & questions

  • Post leave email management

Use past collaboration patterns to build a roadmap for new hires, so they don't miss a beat.

"US companies lose millions in productivity annually just due to failing to preserve and share knowledge when offboarding employees."

People leaving is a pain. Try RelayWise!

Automate knowledge transfer during offboarding.

Relaywise by ShoulderTap Technologies INC.

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